Do overs and turning the clock back…How to heal.

datetime change

Some times I make mistakes.  For example, yesterday I printed out something for my daughter with an error.  This morning I had to reprint it, except I had to change the computer time clock/date back to yesterday so that yesterday's date printed out.  As I'm changing the date on my computer clock, I … [Continue reading]

6 Things You Can Start Today to Boost Your Happiness

6 things you can do today

Here's my top 6 things you can start doing today to boost your happiness: 1.  Accumulate memories not things. What memory will you create today?  Huge challenge for most, since I myself work all week long and by the time the weekend comes, I'm tired.  But sometimes I'm really not that tired, I'm … [Continue reading]

Moving Outside your Comfort Zone


I'm in the throws of potty training.  My other kids were all trained before three.  But with my latest and greatest Garrison...well, he's a little bit … [Continue reading]

Making Decisions. What’s Behind Door Number 3?


When I was a kid...I watched a show called "Let's Make a Deal."  Contestants would be given options of which grand prize they wanted.  Door number … [Continue reading]

New Year’s Resolution(s) Success Tips

2015 resolutions

When ever I've made new year resolutions, I've created this really great list of all the things that I desperately need to change or improve. But … [Continue reading]