Making Decisions. What’s Behind Door Number 3?

When I was a kid…I watched a show called “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Contestants would be given options of which grand prize they wanted.  Door number 1, 2, or 3.   One particular episode the contestant actually got to see behind two of the doors to decide which prize he wanted.  Door One was a dumpster full of garbage and Door Two was a shiny new car.  I remember staring at the screen wondering why the guy took so long to decide.

I mean really, you can’t decide between garbage and a new car?

A couple of weeks ago I had to make a decision on what type of procedure to be done at my gynecologist’s office.  The two options:  Pain or No Pain.  Well duh….I picked “no pain.”

Who would pick garbage?  Who would pick pain?

I have a  friend who is experiencing many challenges in her life and it’s as if she’s trying to carry 20 cartons of eggs into the house, and one by one she keeps dropping the cartons before she gets through the door.  She trembles as she looks into each carton, perplexed that there’s so many eggs broken.  She recently moved her mother with alzheimers into her home.  She started a new job in a new city.  And she’s cultivating an out of state relationship.  She sat in front of me in tears, because Eggs in boxshe felt like she was failing at all three.  All of her eggs had cracks.  Without getting too personal, she basically had the decision before her of door number 1 (garbage) and door number 2 (a shiny new car.)  It sure looked obvious to me….(PICK THE CAR!!)  When I asked her why she was hesitating with  a decision in the right direction, she had a number of issues that were clouding her ability to choose.

1.  The Past

2.  Self Doubt

3. Judgement from Others

4. Fear of the Future

THE PAST:  We tend to bump into a lot of things when we walk looking backwards.  Let’s face it…we’ve all made mistakes.  Anchor yourself in your future not in your past.  Jeremiah 19:11 says,“I know the plans I have for you, plans for a future and a hope.” God is focused on your future; you should be too.  If your anchor is on your past, it will be a weight that will pull you back.  If you anchor yourself in the future, you will believe in the vision God has for you.  It will act like an engine with a thrust that will move you forward.  Anchor your life in your future.

SELF DOUBT: Do you want to be the person who walks around whining over what could have been, or the person who jumps in with both feet and goes all in?  Take your focus off yourself and focus on chasing after God’s best.  Self-doubt is like putting on blinders, which doesn’t allow you to see your options clearly.

JUDGEMENT FROM OTHERS: Thinking about what others may say or think can be very crippling.  Choose several God-seeking friends and seek their discernment and leave everything else behind.

FEAR OF THE FUTURE:  God is a God who can take a mistake and turn it into a miracle.  He can take your dead end and start a new beginning.  He can take you from what seems like a sunset and make it into a sunrise.  God understands what’s going on and He has an ultimate purpose for your life.

Pain or no pain?  No brainer.






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