Tips for a Blended Family and Step-Parents


“Blended” sounds like such a nice term.  Some days it feels much more like a pulverizer. I was 24 years old when I became a step mother for the first … [Continue reading]

8 steps to free yourself of aggravation


Sometimes I get aggravated over really simple things.  Like this morning.  I subscribe to text notifications of one of my favorite pastor's tweets.   … [Continue reading]

Broken Hearts & Growing Stronger


My pastor told me awhile back that I had a ministry with broken women. Huh? Yes.  A Ministry. But I’m broken… That’s the kind God likes to … [Continue reading]

Eating Frogs and Procrastination


Hello, my name is Merrily and I'm a procrastinator.  (View my post on procrastination here.) “Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will … [Continue reading]

New School Year Brings New Habits: Simplify = Happiness

First day of school at the bus stop

I ran into one of my neighborhood moms last week at the grocery store.  She expressed what I think we all are feeling right now.  Great excitement for … [Continue reading]