Feeling Left Out.


I struggle with being left out. Examples: When I was young, my very social parents would frequently have company over and they would always … [Continue reading]

Chasing After Happiness or Running from Hopelessness?

A simpler time.

The recent death of Robin Williams has stunned the world. (Me included)  Such talent.  Such laugher.  Such life.  But hidden behind the gigantic grin … [Continue reading]

Going after peace not war…

Walking off into the future!

Fifteen years ago I was the mother of three children, and married to a fairly passive pessimist. I lived a hit-or-miss lifestyle. (Meaning I lived … [Continue reading]

Help! I Don’t Want To Quit Shopping!! Am I a shopping addict?

Retro girls shopping

Help!! I don’t want to feel deprived. I don’t like being told no. I enjoy walking through the mall and seeing all pretty new colors. I like the … [Continue reading]

Confessions of an addicted multi-tasker…How to simplify in the age of distraction.

Addicted Multi-tasker

I’ve always been proud that I’m a great multi-tasker.  I believe that God made moms with this fabulous ability of being focused on multiple tasks at … [Continue reading]