Why Chasing Wears Us Out

get in shape_t_ntI think I was born chasing. Chasing contentment, chasing happiness, chasing feeling good, and running away from boredom. I chased energy. I chased personal contentment. What women doesn’t? I don’t think I’m alone.

Chasing all these things is what drove me, even from early childhood. As a little girl, is was all about me and what made me happy. From grabbing that baby bottle off the table because I wanted it now to demanding food when I was hungry as a teenager, it’s had always been about me and what made me happy. Chasing my happy ever after is what motivated me. From Barbie Dolls to playing house, to watching princess movies…they all had the same thing…a happy ever after goal.

Somewhere along the way I got distracted and discouraged. I started feeling that “happy ever after” wasn’t going to happen to me. That’s when my ever optimistic enthusiasm started to fade and depression set in. Choices were made that only created more tears and scars, and happiness and contentment looked out of reach.

It’s taken me over 40 years for the light bulb to finally turn on. I’m still chasing. I’m chasing happiness, but in a completely different way. My journey to contentment and joy is because I’m now chasing after God’s purpose for my life. I’m chasing after His vision, not mine. The resulting joy and happiness far exceeds anything I ever dreamed of. I’m on a journey to de-clutter my life and flee from the distractions that push me off course.

Let’s chase happiness and contentment together, shall we?

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